Last update 23.3.2017


  • Board of Länsimetro Oy, summary of decisions 16 March 2017

    The situational picture of the commissioning of the first phase of the West Metro was presented to the Board of Länsimetro Oy at the meeting held on 16 March. The project is progressing in accordance with the schedule estimate. An updated forecast of the final cost of the project was presented to the Board. The situation in March is that the final cost estimate updated at the end of 2016 will be sufficient to complete the project.
  • Excavations near Maininkitie until the end of 2017

    Excavation work in Espoonlahti to continue until the end of 2017 Rail tunnels of the West Metro’s second phase are being excavated in Espoonlahti. The rail tunnels to the west will be completed in August 2017 and the depot junctions and the Maininkitie shaft by the end of 2017. In the near future, in early April 2017, superstructure construction work will begin at the Espoonlahdenkatu entrance. This work will also continue until the end of 2017.
  • Excavated rock loaded in Sammalvuori on a new timetable

    Excavated rock at west metro’s Sammalvuori depot site will be dumped, loaded and screened between 6 March and 30 June 2017 on a new timetable.
  • Helsinki City Rescue Department training at the Koivusaari station from 27 February to 2 March

    The Helsinki City Rescue Department will train firefighting and personal rescue on 27 and 28 February and 1 March at the Koivusaari station, and on 2 March there and at the Katajaharju shaft. The training will take place from 11 am to 2 pm each day. The rescue exercises are part of the West Metro’s introduction into use. The purpose of the training is to practice rescue missions using the West Metro’s security systems.
  • Excavation work for Sammalvuorenportti shaft begins

    The actual excavation work at the Sammalvuori metro depot, i.e.  the Sammalvuorenportti shaft, will start in week 7. The shaft worksite area is located between Kivenlahdentie and Länsiväylä, close to the ABC service station. The excavation of the shaft will be carried out through the tunnel below.
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